François Allisson

historian of economic thought


Trained as an historian of economic thought with a background in economics my research interests encompass the whole history of Russian economic thought, with a special emphasis on the theories of value and prices at the end of the imperial period and the beginning of the Soviet era (1870s–1920s). Altogether the theories of value, distribution, money, crises, accumulation of capital and planning are of interest for me, and consequently I am diving into the various schools and blends of classical political economy, Marxism, and marginalism. My book on the subject, Value and Prices in Russian Economic Thought (Routledge, 2015) was awarded the ESHET Best Book Award 2016.

I am now engaged in a collective project intending towards an intellectual biography of Nikolay Ivanovich Sieber (1844–1888), a Swiss and Russian economist (more info).

When I am not working on Russian economic thought, I am looking at the history of the Lausanne School, and I am reading (and writing) on Maurice H. Dobb, Rosa Luxemburg, Charles Bettelheim or Natalie Moszkowska.