François Allisson

historian of economic thought


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Welcome! I am a scholar in history of economic thought, and I work at the University of Lausanne, IEP, Centre Walras-Pareto, where I do research and teach. I am also a member of the Rehpere team.

If you do not like to read, you can listen to my current research in the Smith and Marx Walk into a Bar podcast (episode six), conveyed by Scott Scheall, Gerardo Serra, and Carlos Eduardo Suprinyak. And if you prefer to look at pictures instead of texts, you can also see my current research on a poster. Otherwise, you are free to navigate on this website.

Latest publications:

François Allisson, Danila E. Raskov, Leonid D. Shirokorad (editors). 2021. Политическая экономия Николая Зибера. Антология [The Political Economy of Nikolay Sieber: An Anthology], Moscow: Institute Gaidar and St. Petersburg: Institute Smolny. 480 pages.

François Allisson. 2021. «Tugan-Baranovsky and the West», Russian Journal of Economics, 7(1): 19-33.