François Allisson

historian of economic thought


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I am a scholar in history of economic thought and I work as a senior lecturer (Maître d’enseignement et de recherche) at the Centre Walras-Pareto at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland.

You can listen to my current research in the Smith and Marx Walk into a Bar podcast (episode six), conveyed by Scott Scheall, Gerardo Serra, and Carlos Eduardo Suprinyak.

Trained as an historian of economic thought with a background in economics my research interests encompass the whole history of Russian economic thought, with a special emphasis on the theories of value and prices at the end of the imperial period and the beginning of the Soviet era (1870s–1920s). Altogether the theories of value, distribution, money, crises, accumulation of capital and planning are of interest for me, and consequently I am diving into the various schools and blends of classical political economy, Marxism, and marginalism. My book on the subject, Value and Prices in Russian Economic Thought (Routledge, 2015) was awarded the ESHET Best Book Award 2016. I am now engaged in a collective project intending towards an intellectual biography of Nikolay Ivanovich Sieber (1844–1888), a Swiss and Russian economist (more info). Russian economic thought, I am looking at the history of the Lausanne School, and I am reading (and writing) on Maurice H. Dobb, Rosa Luxemburg, Charles Bettelheim or Natalie Moszkowska.

Besides research, I like my teaching activities. Among them, I give a course on the history of contemporary economic thought (in French) for students in political sciences at the university of Lausanne, which covers the history of macroeconomics since Keynes’s General Theory, in both mainstream and heterodox traditions. I also teach macroeconomic modelling with a history of thought perspective, introductory macroeconomics, and give lectures for the master in political sciences at the University of Lausanne (2015 on the EUR-CHF exchange rate; 2016 on public debt). I also teach history of economic thought at the École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne.

As a member of the Centre Walras-Pareto, I organise its seminars (Séminaires du Centre Walras-Pareto), and take care of the Clément Juglar archives. At the University of Lausanne, I campaign for the defence of the interests of the intermediate research and teaching academic functions (together with ACIDUL).

I was recently elected Vice-President of the International Walras Association. Among other activities, I am General Secretary of the Association Charles Gide (the French association for history of economic thought) and a Managing Editor of Œconomia (History | Methodology | Philosophy).