François Allisson

historian of economic thought

The Political Economy of Nikolay Sieber: An Anthology

François Allisson, Danila E. Raskov, Leonid D. Shirokorad (editors), Политическая экономия Николая Зибера. Антология [The Political Economy of Nikolay Sieber: An Anthology], Moscow: Institute Gaidar and St. Petersburg: Institute Smolny, 2022. 480 pages.


Table of contents (translated from the Russian):

  • Introduction
  • Sieber’s Intellectual Biography: Contemporary Readings
    • F. Allisson. N. I. Sieber as a Solitary but Influent Scholar
    • D. Raskov. Who Was Sieber? Context of an Intellectual Biography
    • A. Pogrebnyak. The Exception and the Rule: Sieber’s Politico-Economic Arguments Against Marginalism Before its Triumph
  • Sieber’s Intellectual Biography: Perspective from the End of the 19th Century to the Beginning of the 20th Century
    • A. Romanovich-Slavatinsky. Reminiscence of Sieber
    • D. Ovsyaniko-Kulikovsky. Nikolay Ivanovich Sieber
    • N. Klejnbort. N. I. Sieber’s Life and Personality
    • N. Tkachenko. N. I. Sieber in Kiev (1864–1876)
  • Sieber as the First Russian Marxist and Ricardian
    • L. Shirokorad. N. Sieber and K. Marx in the History of Pre-Revolutionary Russian Economic Thought
    • D. Naumov. The Place of Sieber in the History of Marxism and in the Revolutionary Movements in the Ukraine and in Russia
    • A. Kappeler. Н. И. Зибер — Микола Зiбер — Niclaus Sieber. A Swiss as Pioneer Marxist in Russia
    • J. White. Nikolay Sieber as the First Russian Marxist
    • R. Scazzieri. Sieber on Ricardo
    • A. Dubyansky. Marxist Monetary Theory According to Sieber
  • Sieber on Rent, Economic Development and Primitive Economic Culture
    • A. Dubyansky. Ricardo’s Theory of Rent according to Sieber
    • D. Raskov. N. I. Sieber as a Cabinet Economist-Anthropologist
    • A. Dubyansky. Sieber and Voroncov on the Capitalist Way of Development for Russia
  • Bibliographies
    • Ya. Rezul’. N. I. Sieber (Bibliography).
    • Bibliography and Index of Cited Sources in N. I. Sieber’s Essays on Primitive Economic Cultures (1883)
    • List of References
  • Appendices
    • N. I. Sieber. Some Remarks about Yu. Zhukovsky’s Paper “Karl Marx and his Book About Capital”; On Consumer Cooperatives; Railway Economy; Science and Journalism
    • Necrologies
    • Encyclopaedic Entries
    • Materials from the Archives
    • Letters from the Archives