François Allisson

historian of economic thought


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Welcome! I am a scholar in history of economic thought, and I work at the University of Lausanne, IEP, Centre Walras-Pareto, where I do research and teach. I am also a member of the Rehpere team.

Trained as an historian of economic thought with a background in economics, my research interests encompass the history of Imperial Russian and Soviet economic thought, the history of capitalism, the Lausanne school in economics, the theories of value and of prices, and of planning. I have worked and am working on economists like M. I. Tugan-Baranovsky, N. I. Sieber, Robert Brenner, Leon Winiarski, Ladislaus von Bortkiewicz, Rosa Luxemburg, Charles Bettelheim, Natalia Moszkowska, Maurice Dobb and Luisella Goldschmidt-Clermont.

Latest publication:

Aux origines du capitalisme : Robert Brenner et le marxisme politique